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Strategy of The Orchard Agro-tourism Development in Rasau Jaya Tiga, Kuburaya

Ekawati*, R Rizieq, S Widarti and F R Viktor

Department of Agribusiness, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Panca Bhakti, Pontianak 78115, West Kalimantan, Indonesia



This objective of this study was to make strategies of the orchard Agro-tourism development of Edupark RJ-3. The study was conducted in Rasau Jaya Tiga, Kuburaya. This study was important in order to develop the agro-tourism well and to make it interesting tourism object. The data were analyzed with SWOT analysis. The data were collected through interview and field survey. The samples were determined using Snowball, an approach used to identify key informants who have much information. The first contact helped to find other respondents through recommendations. The results showed that the orchard agro-tourism development was at quadrant I. This meant that the management need to utilize their whole power to seize and use the opportunities (Growth Oriented Strategy). It was recommended that the management of Edupark RJ-3 make the development based on the result of this study.

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