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Maritime Capital and Fisherman Exclusion in the Development of the Selayar Islands

A A Nugroho and I F Azmi

As the second largest producer of fish in South Sulawesi, Selayar island is capable of producing 28,959 tons of marine products per year. On the other hand, BPS data shows that more than 17.000 residents of Selayar, the majority of whom earn a living as fishermen, currently live below the poverty line. This study examines the relationship among marine capital and how the process of exclusion of fishermen from regional development and policy. The research is conducted with qualitative approach using the analysis tool of inclusive development theory. The results showed that small scale fishermen were excluded from the development process in Selayar. Low level of education, traditional fishing equipment and technology, limited capital ownership, monopoly on catches by ship owners and penetration of global corporate capital are factors that contribute to exclusion and lead to the lack of welfare of the majority of fishermen. The development of Selayar island must be carried out inclusively

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