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The Impact of ZA Substitution with Organic Fertilizer Through Red Ginger’s Growth and Yield in Mixed Cropping with Maize and Cassava

Supriyono1, J R Zakiyyah2, T D Sulistyo1 and B Pujiasmanto1

1Lecturer of Agriculture Faculty Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta, Indonesia.

2Under graduate of Agrotechnology Study Program, Faculty of Agriculture


The aim of the study was to obtain partial or complete replacement of N in ZA fertilizers with organic fertilizers without reducing, and even increasing yields in the context of sustainable agriculture in mixed crops with maize and cassava. The research was held in Wonorejo Village, Karanganyar, Indonesia on March-August 2020. The research was using RCBD one factor, four treatments, six replications, namely Control, 100% ZA, 50% ZA + 50% organic fertilizer, and 100% organic fertilizer. Data analysis using ANOVA and DMRT 5%. The result showed that 100% organic fertilizer influence significantly on height of plants, number of leaves and saplings, fresh and dry straw weight, dry weight save of rhizomes, maize kernels, and cassava tubers. Mixed crops are more efficient in land use than monoculture crops (LER > 1), but not in time period from planting to harvest (ATER < 1). Subsistence farmers are suitable to apply mixed crops because its more profitable in terms of food needs fulfillment

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