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Growth and Yield Response of Local Soybean in The Giving of Various Organic Fertilizers

M Rahayu*, E Purwanto, A Setyawati, A T Sakya, Samanhudi, A Yunus, D Purnomo, G C Handoyo, R B Arniputri and S Na’imah

Faculty of Agriculture, Sebelas Maret University, Surakarta, Indonesia


Soybean is the basic material for many kinds of industrial, such as tofu and tempeh industries. Soybean cultivation will be better if use a sustainable agricultural system, that is using organic fertilizers. This research purpose to find out the effect of organic fertilizer on growth and yield of local soybean. The research used a complete randomized design, one factor that are a variety of organic fertilizers with 6 treatments. Various of organic fertilizers consist of without organic fertilizer, liquid organic, compost, cow manure, rabbit urine, chicken manure and goat manure. Each test unit consists of 4 pots (plants) and each repeated 4 times.  The results showed that the highest plant height, number of leaves and leaf area were produced by application of compost and goat manure. The application of various organic fertilizers did not significantly affect to the dry weight of soybean biomass.

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