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Paper ID: 229

miRNA Target Prediction of Avian Z-Linked Gene DMRT1 During Sex Determination in Chicken (G. Gallus)

S Prastowo and A Ratriyanto

Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Sebelas Maret


Sex determination in dimorphic animal such as chicken (G. Gallus) is controlled by the expression of DMRT1 gene. This gene is likely critical for testis differentiation and may act as antagonist of ovarian development. miRNA, is belongs to short noncoding RNA, which act to regulate gene expression in specific or board target genes. This study was aimed to predict miRNA(s) candidate targeted to DMRT1 expression in chicken. Insilico method was employed to mine miRNA targeted to DMRT1 using three online databases namely miRDB, TargetScan, and microT-CDS. Following the prediction, a cauterization was performed to select common miRNA(s) in minimal two databases for gene ontology (GO) analysis. Totally 68 miRNAs were targeted to DMRT1 3’UTR, and eight miRNA(s) were found in minimal two databases. The analysis of GO found seven distinct functions that are membrane, cytoplasm, protein binding, nucleus, integral component of membrane and molecular function. Among those miRNA, 1 miRNA act in molecular function, 2 in intercellular and integral component of membrane, and 4 in membrane, cytoplasm, protein binding and nucleus. According to the result, its shows the possibility to use predicted miRNA(s) targeted to DMRT1 to reveal the mechanism during sex determination in chicken.

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