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Paper ID: 220

Bendo Dam as a Policy Environmental of Water Sources

F Aisyah, D P Sudibyo and R Adrian N

Universitas Sebelas Maret


Water is the source of human life. The existence of water sources is a major requirement in sustainable development programs in an area. The Ponorogo Bendo Dam is one of the Ponorogo Regency Government’s sustainable development plans, as a solution in providing water sources for the community. The Bendo Dam was built on local people’s land, which residents were then given compensation for the land and new houses. However, the provision of compensation in the form of houses and agricultural land does not necessarily avoid conflict. There are still residents who are dissatisfied with the land given because it is considered not in accordance with the old land, and the location given is not strategic. This study aims to review whether the construction of the Bendo Dam is the best solution to improve the environmental balance in the availability of water sources, considering that the dam is built on community land. This study uses a literature review research method, by comparing previous journals that are relevant to the topic of discussion. In this study, it can be concluded that the construction of the Bendo Dam is the most effective government policy in overcoming water resource problems in Ponorogo Regency.

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