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The Potential of Jamu to Relieve Clinical Symptoms and Reduce The Tumor Size of Patients With Fibro Adenoma Mammae (FAM) at Rumah Riset Jamu (RRJ) Hortus Medicus Tawangmangu : A Pilot Study

Z Zulkarnain, P R W Astana, A Triyono, D Ardiyanto, F Novianto, U Fitriani, U Nisa and Saryanto

Medicinal Plant anad Traditional Medicine Research and Development Centre, Ministry of Health, Jl. Raya Lawu No 11 Tawangmangu Karanganyar Indonesia

Fibro Adenoma Mammae (FAM) is a benign tumor that sometimes causes clinical symptoms like itching and pain. Not all women who suffer from FAM in Indonesia are willing to undergo surgery and choose to drink jamu. In fact, scientific evidence regarding jamu efficacy is limited. This study aims to determine the effect of jamu consumption on the size and clinical symptoms of FAM patients. A total of 27 women with FAM who came to RRJ Hortus Medicus and met the inclusion and exclusion criteria participated in this study until finish. Subjects were asked to drinkĀ  boiled water of 8 plants Simplicia with a certain dose every day for 16 weeks. A breast ultrasound to determine tumor size was performed at baseline and day-112. Clinical symptoms were assessed at baseline and every 2 weeks. The result showed that the tumor average size was decreased from 13.89+ 6.47mm to 11.79+5.74mm (paired t-test p<0.001). About 88.46% of the subjects experienced a decrease in tumor size. The pain subsided and disappeared in 69.23% and 30.77% of subjects, respectively. The itching that complained by one subject subside since week 6. The administration of jamu for 16 weeks has the potential to reduce tumor size and clinical symptoms.

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