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In Vitro Anticancer Screening of Selected Indonesian Medicinal Plants

I Y M Sholikhah*, S Haryanti, Y Widiyastuti and N Rahmawati

Medicinal Plant and Traditional Medicine Research and Development Center, National Institute of Research and Development, Jl. Raya Lawu 11 Tawangmangu 57792, Karanganyar, Indonesia

Email: ika.efendi@gmail.com1*

Cancer is the second most common disease causing death in the world. The development of proper cancer treatment management is still a challenge today. The discovery of an abundance and variety of anti-cancer bioactive compounds from Indonesian plants is one of the potential strategies to be implemented. This research was conducted on RISTOJA’s research plants. The cytotoxic activity test of the extract was carried out on the HeLa cervical cancer cell model, WiDr colon cancer cell, and T47D breast cancer cell using the MTT assay method. The IC50 value was determined based on the percentage of cell viability after dichormethane and methanol extract treatment. The extract concentrations used were 15, 30, 60, 120, 240, and 480 µg/mL. The test results showed that 6 dichlormetan extracts had strong potential (IC50 <100 µg / mL) against 3 types of cancer cells.

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