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Development of Transmigration Policy in the use of the socio-economic and cultural environment of the community in Sigulai Village, Simeulue Regency

A D Debby

The purpose of this research was to determine the impact of the Transmigration policy in the utilization of the local socio-economic and cultural environment for the Sigulai Village Community. The Simeulue  Government’s policy to bring in 1000 transmigrant families aims to develop the economic potential sof the area, but in reality the policy is not in accordance with what has been conveyed by the local government to provide facilities such as 2 hectares of land, decent housing, life support,clean water facilities, educational facilities and transportation The method  uses a qualitative approach with data collection through data triangulation, namely observation, interviews and literature study.The results of this study indicate that the transmigration policy by the Simeulue district government does not yet have clear goals and standards so that it results in economic inequality, but  there is have a positive impact they have a higher work ethic and provide gardening  skills for them.

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