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Paper ID: 163

Implementation of the Suroboyo Bus Transportation Policy Paying with Plastic Bottle Waste

R L Fitriana*, D G Suharto and R D Wahyunengsih

Dept of Public Afministration, FISIP Universitas Sebelas Maret


The Department of Transportation in collaboration with the Department of Cleanlines and Green Open Space of the City of Surabaya launched a new means a transportation, namely the Suroboyo Bus. Uniquely, the Suroboyo Bus is paid for with plastic bottle waste. The purpose of this Suroboyo Bus is to reduce plastic waste and congestion in the city of Surabaya. The type of research is descriptive with qualitative approach. The focus of this research uses policy implementation according to Edward G. III namely, communication, resources, disposisition and bureucratic structure. The results of this study are that in implementing the Suroboyo Bus it is considered quite good, there is support from the public and also has a real impact. On the other hand, there are still obstacles in implementing the Suroboyo Bus, which has not been properly integrated in terms of the waste contribution procedures

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