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Morphological and Agroecological Study of Purwoceng Gunung (Artemisia lactiflora wall.) in Areas Slopes of Mount Lawu

B Pujiasmanto, M T S Budiastuti, D Setyaningrum and R T Taufani

Department of Agrotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia


Purwoceng Gunung has the potential as a medicinal plant. However, research on this plant has not been widely carried out, so that information on ecology and habitat is unknown. This study aims to determine the distribution pattern, morphological and agroecological of Purwoceng Gunung. The research location on the slopes of Mount Lawu, especially in the Grojogan Sewu, Tawangmangu sub-district, Central Java. The sample point was determined based on purposive random sampling through a pre-survey approach. Determination of sample plots and analysis of vegetation using the transect (line) method. The results showed that the morphology of the stem shape was round and segmented, smooth surface and green, oval leaf shape with serrated edges, compound leaves, pointed leaf tip, blunt leaf base, green leaf color with a length of 4 cm and a width of ± 2 cm, the location of the flowers at the end of the stem and classified as compound interest, fibrous roots with yellowish white color. The distribution pattern of Purwoceng Gunung was uniform with a low population density of 6 individuals per plot and an INP of 4.4. The agroecological conditions of the habitat have an average soil temperature of 22.8⁰ C, soil moisture 76.9%, air temperature 26⁰ C, air humidity 61.9%, and light intensity 1311.04 FC, climate type C (slightly wet) with soil chemistry, namely C organic 5.8%, organic matter 9.9%, N 0.27 %, P 16.04 %, K 0.27 %, pH NaF 9.02, pH H2O 6.1, CEC 26, 9 me 100 g-1, field capacity 43.9. The proportions of dust, clay and sand were 27.4%, 9.4%, 63.2%.

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