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Paper ID: 145

Shifting Waste Policy Issues at the Local Level: A Case Study in Banyumas

D Indiahono

Associate Professor, Department of Public Administration, Universitas Jenderal Soedirman, Indonesia.


Waste management in Banyumas Regency entered a new history when waste management changed which was originally managed by the government, into waste management with the community. This is a new breakthrough in the Governance Era and stimulates a greater public role in waste management. However, the issue of policy issues regarding waste has widened, and this study tries to explain it. Qualitative research has been carried out by tracing the issue of waste problems in online mass media, observations, and interviews. The data analysis technique was carried out with interactive analysis techniques. The results showed that the issue of waste problems widened into several: the issue of transferring the burden of local government to the public, the issue of the destruction of the face of the city, the issue of bureaucratic egocentrism, the issue of the inability of non-governmental groups, and the issue of the government’s inability to manage waste.

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