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Study of Agile Governance on Strengthening Reforestation Program in West Java Indonesia

M I Nur, T Juana and F C Zain

Public Administration Department, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung, Jl. AH Nasution No.105 Bandung, Indonesia


West Java is one of the Provinces in Indonesia that possesses the most critical land area, approximately 714,000 of 911,000 hectares (ha) in total. So that to deal with that severe issue, the Regional Forestry Office of West Java has established an eminent program named “Gerakan Tanam dan Rawat 50 Juta Pohon (The Movement of 50 Million Trees Planting and Caring)”. This research aims to analyze the reforestation program in West Java Indonesia viewed from an agile governance perspective. The study employed the qualitative approach with the descriptive case study method. In addition, in-depth interviews and literature studies were utilized in collecting the data. Moreover, to ensure validity, this study uses the triangulation technique. This study showed that although the government has applied the agile governance concept, they need to reinforce how they interact in coordination and collaboration activities.

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