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The Policy of the Surakarta City Parks and Hygiene Service In Environmental Management

F M Soliha, D G Suharto, and A W E Mulyadi

Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta.


Final Disposal Site or abbreviated as TPA is a place to pile up waste and is a form of waste. In essence, based on Law Number 18 of 2008 concerning Waste Management, TPA should be an abbreviation of Final Processing Site and accept residual waste that has been previously processed. The goal is to process and return waste to environmental media in a safe manner for humans and the surrounding environment. The problems seen in the Putri Cempo TPA are seen from the worrying condition of the land in accommodating waste, environmental pollution conditions, and poor management which must be noted by the City Government, because this has an impact on the people living in the Putri Cempo TPA area. This has resulted in many complaints from a number of people living around the Putri Cempo TPA. The purpose of this study was to analyze the role of the Department of Parks and Hygiene in Waste Management in Surakarta City. In this study, the researcher used a descriptive qualitative research method with 15 informants, namely 1) TPA Management Section 2) Waste Management and Hazardous Waste Sector 3) TPA Coordinator 4) TPA Supervisor 5) Head of Environment 6) Communities around the TPA 5 people and community users cleaning service 5 people . The results showed that the management of the Putri Cempo TPA was not adequate, as seen from the many obstacles that occurred in Putri Cempo, such as several damaged vehicles and waste transportation equipment, as well as the operational system in waste management that determined the volume of waste transported or disposed of to landfills. , as well as waste operational activities depending on the operational patterns used, namely the method of sweeping, collection, transportation, and final disposal.

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