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Ethnopharmacology of Peperomia pellucida and Other Anti-hypercholesterolemia Medicinal Plants on Celebes Island of Indonesia

N Rahmawati, F I Mustofa, I Y M Sholikhah, S Haryanti and D Subositi

Medicinal Plant and Traditional Medicine Research and Development Center, Ministry of Health, Jl. Raya Lawu No 11 Tawangmangu, Karanganyar, Indonesia


Peperomia pellucida (L.) Kunth was reported to be traditionally widely used for the treatment of gout. This study aimed to identify the utilization of P. pellucida and other medicinal plants used by selected traditional healers who met inclusion criteria to treat high cholesterol levels in ethnic groups of Celebes Island. Data collection was carried out through interviews, observation, and sample collection. This study revealed 67 concoction information and identified the use of 48 plant species distributed in 32 families among 39 healers in 20 ethnic groups in Celebes Island. P. pellucida (UV=0.21), lamiaceae (15.63%), and leaves (57.35%) were determined as the most prominent species, family, and plant part used. The most widely prescribed rule of use is internal administration (94.03%) with a frequency of 3×1 per day (44.78%) for a week to a month (56.72%). However, conservation efforts need to be initiated immediately since more than 50% of healers made no cultivation efforts.

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