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The Effect of Parental Plant and Washing Materials on Seed Germination of F2 Generation Apple Cactus (Cereus Spp.)

I Rafiana1, Sukaya2*, E S Muliawati2 and E Yuniastuti2

1 Undergraduate Program of Agrotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture, Sebelas Maret University

2 Lecturer of Faculty of Agriculture, Sebelas Maret University Indonesia


Apple cactus (Cereus sp.) is one of the genus of cactus and two species that are often crossed are long spines (Cereus jamacaru) and short spines (Cereus peruvianus). Those species have seeds with physical dormancy that is the presence of seed mucus that can inhibit the germination process. This research aims to study the effect of parental plants and washing materials on the germination of F2 apple cactus seeds. This study used two-factor RCBD using 3 parental plants of the F2 generation of apple cactus (Cereus jamacaru open pollination, C. peruvianus x C. jamacaru, C. jamacaru x C. peruvianus) and 5 washing materials (without washing, taps water, distilled water, pH 5, and pH 9) which was carried out in 3 repetitions. The results showed that seeds of the cross Cereus jamacaru as female parent (Cereus jamacaru open pollination and Cereus jamacaru x Cereus peruvianus) produced better germination than seeds from cross of Cereus peruvianus as female parent (Cereus peruvianus x Cereus jamacaru). Although the washing material didn’t have a significant effect on the germination of F2 apple cactus seeds, but there was an influence of using pH 9 could minimize seed mucilage so that the extraction process was easier.

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