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Swampthig Case Study as A Fictional Character Design in Popular Culture for Environmental Conservation Efforts

S Mataram

Lecturer of Communication Visual Design Departement, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia


The spirit and the green movement are global issues that voice about environmental conservation efforts. Through approaches and media from popular culture, comics are used as product icons to convey the issue. Comic consumers are mostly the younger generation. Inside there is a character design that serves to represent a certain message. This research uses a case study method on Swampthing comics with a semiotic approach, the analysis used is a denotative and connotative analysis and intertextuality, especially in character design. The result of this research is the approach of a scary superhero character as a messenger of environmental conservation. The parameters of the effectiveness of character design are seen from the sustainability and development of media that raises the content of the character.

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