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Paper ID: 47

Utilization of Natural Resources in Supporting Eco-Interior Design

R Widayat and A B Studyanto

Interior Design Study Program, Faculty of Fine Arts and Designs, Universitas Sebelas Maret, Surakarta, Indonesia


In creating interior designs, most people do not optimize natural resources and the concept of eco-interior design. This causes a lack of comfort such as hot air, lack of light during the day, and noise entering the interior. The question is how to utilize natural resources optimally in supporting interior eco-design. To answer this, identification on several cases with similar problem solving need to be done. The findings can be used as inspirations for the community in constructing public buildings and residences, so that interior designs can be occupied comfortably. The results and discussion found several alternatives namely technical utilization of optimal but not dazzling sunlight, technical use of optimal cross-air circulation in buildings, and utilization of natural building materials that can absorb sound to overcome noise from outside.

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