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Paper ID: 224

Batik Grajen: Eco-Friendly Batik Utilizing Wood Waste for Batik Dye

Setyawan and F A Dartono

Department of Crafts/Textile Faculty of Arts and Design, Universitas Sebelas Maret


Batik Grajen is batik which in its coloring process uses natural dyes from grajen waste (wood powder).  Batik Grajen was developed by batik craftsmen in the Bulakan area, Sukoharjo, Central Java.  The development of Batik Grajen is ecologically interesting because the people of Bulakan process wood waste from the sawmill industry into environmentally friendly batik dyes.  Wood waste in the form of sawdust (grajen) is used as batik dye because of the pigment content in it.  The dyes produced are safer and more environmentally friendly than synthetic dyes.  What the Bulakan people do through Batik Grajen products is a creative solution to respond to environmental problems, especially the problem of waste that can be recycled into creative products with economic value.

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