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Paper ID: 127

Policy Adoption Process on Climate Change Adaptation

N Lestari*, B Kusumasari, E Susanto and Y T Keban

Departement of Management and Public Policy, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia.


This study aims to explore the process of policy adoption related to climate change adaptation. Specifically, this paper is based on the literature review process of scientific articles to map the definition of adaptation to climate change that is developing, then the forms of the policy adoption process that have been carried out. This study is exploratory in nature with the knowledge and determination of research topics that are still open. The researcher chose 2 keywords as emphasis, such as “climate change adaptation”. AND “policy adoption”. Sources of research use secondary data from tracing and collecting scientific articles indexed by Scopus. 35 of 659 articles were filtered and analyzed. Researchers use the Scholarcy website, connected paper and VOSviewer to help analyze data. The study found that there is a knowledge gap between mitigation and adaptation. Adaptation is different than mitigation. From the results of mapping scientific articles, it can be concluded that discourse related to the adoption of climate change adaptation policies, the discourses that are often discussed at the academic level most of the 2006-2019 studies are mostly street level organizations, strategies, vulnerability indicators, tourism sector, mitigation, policy environment, barriers, maladaptation, policy context, society.

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